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The EJDFoodSci obtained funds to employ 8 Early Stage Researchers for the period 2017-2020. So for now we do not have any open positions that could be funded from the Horizon 2020.

However, in the project we are aiming to create a structured, long lasting, international PhD school in malting and brewing. So if you are awarded external funds to conduct research related to brewing science that would cover the costs of training, research and the scholarship, you may contact us at office@ejdfoodsci.eu – to find out the suitable research and training plan and see if there are possibilities to undertake the PhD research.

No, the program is not limited to any country or continent. Candidates from all over the world may apply, assuming they comply with the “early stage researcher” condition and with the “mobility rule”.

Early stage researcher means that at the time of recruitment by the host organisation, you should be in the first four years of your research careers and have not been awarded a doctoral degree (for example if the start date of employment is 1st February 2017, it means that candidates who obtained their first master degree after the 1st of February 2013 are eligible).

The mobility rule means that at the time of recruitment (first day of employment) by the host organisation, researchers must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the country of their host organisation for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately before the reference date.

Each ESR will be employed at a given University, that will be called University 1 (U1). At the same time the ESR will be enrolled into a PhD school at a second university (U2). Each university (1 and 2) will appoint a supervisor, so the ESR has two supervisors. During the project the ESR will spend most of their time at U1, but they will be seconded to perform research at U2 for at least 6 months during the project.

Yes, each ESR will be seconded to an industrial plan for at least 1 month during the project. The industrial project partners are Carlsberg Group and Boortmalt. Also FlavorActiV (UK) and VLB Berlin will be accepting ESRs for short secondments of 4-6 weeks.

Yes, the project will promote the dissemination of results by the ESRs during international conferences. Each ESR will attend at least 3 international conferences during the project to present their research and build their professional network. The conferences taken into account are: European Brewery Convention Congress or Symposium, Trends in Brewing, Young Scientists Symposium, School of Fermentation Technology, VLB October Symposium,  and other events related to malting and brewing topics.

Yes, the whole training consists of over 500 hours of training. The courses will be organized by all universities, VLB Berlin and FlavorActiV. So during the 3 semesters at the beginning of the project, the 8 ESRs will travel around Europe to attend the training organized in Krakow, Berlin, Copenhagen, Ghent and Nottingham.

You will be a full-time employed researcher at the University 1 (see “Where will I conduct my research?”). You will have full social security coverage and and permanent job contract for the period of 36 months. Additionally you will be enrolled to the PhD school at University 1 and University 2.

Yes, please upload the transcript of records both of your bachelor and master studies.

At the time of application the sworn translation of transcript of records is not required. We will ask to submit such a translation at a later stage of recruitment, providing you are invited for an interview. If you do hold the transcript of records issued in english by your university, please provide it with you application form.

Yes, you may. Please indicate the scheduled date of your master defense in the field (Date of obtaining the first Master degree or equivalent). Your application will be processed and in case you are selected to join the EJDFoodSci – you will need to provide you MSc diploma before signing the contract of employment (this is aimed to take place on the 1st Feb 2017).

We are aiming at 1st Feb 2017 to be the starting date of the programme. From that day on you will be employed in one of the universities for the period of 36 months. During that time you will be taking part in the courses at all universties (short stays of 2-3 weeks in different countries). You will also participate in international conferences and network-wide training events like courses, secondments, etc. On top of that you will perform the research towards your PhD project (most of the time at your university of employment, but also for 6 months at the second university – in order to obtain a double doctoral degree and a joint diploma issued by 2 universities).

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