Jonas Trummer

Nationality: German
Age: 29


Topic of your PhD work: Evaluation of innovative raw materials suitable for production of high quality malt and beer

Two universities you will be enrolled to:

University 1 (employer):
University of Agriculture in Krakow, Poland
University 2:
Ghent University, Belgium

Name of supervisor 1:
Prof. Aleksander Poreda
Name of supervisor 2:
Prof. Anita van Landschoot

Education background:

Field of study for your BSc: Brewery Science and Beverage Technology
University of your BSc: Technical University Munich-Weihenstephan
Field of study for your MSc: Brewery Science and Beverage Technology
Topic of your MSc: The impact of different lactic acid bacteria on malt quality
University of your MSc: Technical University Munich-Weihenstephan

Short description of your MSc work:

Addition of different lactic acid bacteria during germination of barley and their impact on malt quality. Five different strains of bacteria were chosen and microbiologically analysed. Trials on microbiology of the barley and malt were fulfilled throughout the process. Chemical-technical analyses on barley, the produced malt and wort were fulfilled according to MEBAK.

Why did you decide to apply for the EJDFoodSci?

When I first read about the EJD program I was overwhelmed with the projects and possibilities offered. I knew right from the start that this international program is a once in a lifetime opportunity. As I already malted in my master thesis, it was clear that the ESR1 project would suit me to 100%. Furthermore, it was the international spirit and collaboration of top universities and companies that amazed me.

Please list top 5 things you find most attractive in this project?

1. Research in malting and brewing science
2. Different educational trainings/courses
3. Top universities
4. Internationality
5. Collaboration with well-known companies

Please list top 3 things in your character that you think are crucial to be successful in this project?

1. Outgoing person that likes to interact with others
2. Thinking outside the box
3. Open for new countries and cultures

How did you find the whole process of recruitment, how did you feel during the evaluation, interviews, etc.?

The whole process was well planned with three stages of recruitment. The phone interview was a pleasant conversation, a good way to get to know each other and a first step to exchange thoughts on the chosen project. Also the face-to-face interviews were in a real pleasant atmosphere. The questions asked, as well as the time given to answer, were perfect, well chosen and in the right amount.

What did you think/how did you feel when you received the letter informing that you were accepted for the ESR position?

At the time I received the letter I was already in bed and getting ready to sleep. Then I read through the mail, several explanations, sentences and finally in the end it was mentioned – that I was chosen for the project I applied for. A lot of different feelings were rushing through my brain at that time. Happiness, excitement, a whole new future ahead! Afterwards I couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

What are your hobbies, what you like doing in your free time?

As I’m a brewer I love to brew my own beer. I enjoy having weekend-trips to different cities all around Europe and, of course, experience the local beer culture there. Also, I like to ride the bike and have walks through the forest.