Maciej Ditrych

Nationality: Polish
Age: 29


Topic of your PhD work: Unravelling formation and/or release of beer staling aldehydes

Two universities you will be enrolled to:

University 1 (employer):
KU Leuven, Belgium
University 2:
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Name of supervisor 1:
Prof. Luc De Cooman
Name of supervisor 2:
Prof. Mogens Larsen Andersen

Education background:

Field of study for your BSc: Biotechnology with the major in Fermentation Technology and Microbiology
University of your BSc: Lodz University of Technology
Field of study for your MSc: 1) Biotechnology with the major in Fermentation Technology and Microbiology; 2) Management
Topic of your MSc: “Antioxidative Activity of Polish Beers”
University of your MSc: 1) Lodz University of Technology; 2) Lodz University of Technology / INSEEC Grande Ecole de Commerce

Short description of your MSc work:

The study focused on the determination of the antioxidative and reducing potentials of different types of commercial Polish beers. The change of antioxidative and reducing potentials was also investigated during the beer storage. Additionally, the relationships between total polyphenol content of these products and the corresponding antioxidative and reducing potentials was investigated. The findings of the study were published in Czech Journal of Food Science.

Why did you decide to apply for the EJDFoodSci?

The technological and scientific aspects of brewing and malting were always a point of my interest. My educational background and professional interests were in line with the EJDFoodSci offer. Furthermore, the perspective of mobilities and the work in an international environment were very attractive. In general, the benefits of this project for a person for whom brewing and malting science are close to, were extremely teasing and this was a perfect opportunity.

Please list top 5 things you find most attractive in this project?

1. Priceless experience in brewing and malting science,
2. Work at the world-wide renown Universities with the cooperation with great Companies,
3. Work in an international team on a scientific project,
4. The ability to acquaint with the novel, state-of-the-art methodologies and equipment incorporated in brewing and malting science,
5. Career opportunities in the future.

How did you find the whole process of recruitment, how did you feel during the evaluation, interviews, etc.?

The application process was clear and there was a good, subsequent feedback while receiving the results in each recruitment level. The entire process was slightly longer than I expected, but taking into consideration the total number of applications, it could have last even longer. Generally, throughout the recruitment processes I had the impression as if it was ran by people working in HR.

What did you think/how did you feel when you received the letter informing that you were accepted for the ESR position?

Honestly speaking, I do not remember it very well. This was a huge turn over. There were so many emotions involved at that time. The happiness… The thrill… The excitement and a bit of a fear of the unknown. The entire sleepless night was full of insightful thought, that brought me to a conclusion that finally I will be doing what is really close to me.

What do you think will be the most challenging thing in the EJDFoodSci?

In my opinion the time factor might be regarded as challenging. The project puts a great attention to the mobility involved, which consequently may have an influence on the efficiency and the workflow. Therefore a good elaborate plan of the experimental part of the project has to be delivered and the schedule has to be precisely followed, what surely may be challenging.

How do you imagine yourself in year 2020, when the project is over? What do you think you will do in the future?

Yet it is hard to say, but one thing is certain – I see myself working in the brewing and malting sector. I see myself contributing to the brewing community. I see myself happy because I do what I’m interested in. And it is not work – it is passion.

What are your hobbies, what you like doing in your free time?

I like to spend my free time in an active way. The two things I enjoy the most are: meeting new people and travelling. I love mountain hiking and cycling. Yet, brewing and malting science is also strengthened in my free time. Often I participate in brewing events and wherever I travel I always try to visit breweries or maltings.