Marcus Pagenstecher

Nationality: German
Age: 26


Topic of your PhD work: Malts for control of trace elements with pro-oxidative effects during the brewing process and in finished beer

Two universities you will be enrolled to:

University 1 (employer):
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
University 2:
University of Agriculture in Krakow, Poland

Name of supervisor 1:
Prof. Mogens Larsen Andersen
Name of supervisor 2:
Dr hab. inż. Aleksander Poreda

Education background:

Field of study for your BSc: Chemistry
University of your BSc: Technical University of Munich
Field of study for your MSc: Chemistry
Topic of your MSc: Organic chemistry major, analytical chemistry minor, thesis in medical engineering
University of your MSc: Technical University of Munich

Short description of your MSc work:

My master’s studies allowed me to specialize in organic (major subject) and analytical chemistry (minor subject), refining my skills in organic synthesis, experiment scheduling, and statistical evaluation. In one of the corresponding research labboratory courses, I evaluated trace elements in local beers. My master’s thesis on „Antibacterial hydroxyapatite/titania sol-gel coatings on stainless steel via OpenAir® Plasma” represents my application-oriented, open-minded, and creative mindset.

Why did you decide to apply for the EJDFoodSci?

When I first read about the project I wasn’t sure if a pure chemist was really what they were looking for. But the premises the EJDFoodSci sounded wonderful, and a couple of the ESR positions seemed to demand heavy analytical expertise. So I got in touch with Prof. Andersen and Assoc. Prof. Jespersen in order to clarify their expectations. Afterwards, I was convinced of both my suitability and desire to be part of this exciting project.

Please list top 5 things you find most attractive in this project?

1. International mobility
2. Cooperation with global companies
3. Group work
4. Application oriented research
5. It’s about beer!

What did you think/how did you feel when you received the letter informing that you were accepted for the ESR position?

I was delighted. EJDFoodSci and ESR 2 specifically had become my number one preference, being well in line with my research preferences and expectations for the future. I’m looking forward to the two years in Copenhagen as well as the exciting secondments to Krakow and Nottingham. I really felt like this was the perfect position for me, so rest assured I called a couple of people right away to tell them the good news.

What do you think will be the most challenging thing in the EJDFoodSci?

The project hast a tight schedule, with fascinating secondments, conferences, and meetings all over Europe. I think the main challenge will be to schedule our individual research around this framework. In addition, I believe coordinating the 8 similar ESR positions in order to diminish a duplication of efforts and maximize the mutual benefit will be both challenge and chance.

What are your hobbies, what you like doing in your free time?

I enjoy all kinds of sports with an undeniable focus on football. But the occasional run is also important to let my mind roam and put things in perspective. I love music and I’m part of a band, which is going to get a bit more challenging with the growing distance. Snowboarding, hiking, and travelling deserve honorary mentions as well. To top things of, I tend to carry a book with me at all times so I can sneak in a couple of pages while waiting e.g. for the bus.