Prof. Anita Van Landschoot

Ghent University


PhD in Biochemistry at Ghent University and Max Planck Institut (Göttingen, Germany)./ Post-doctoral researcher (6 years) in microbial genetics and protein engineering at UG and Plant Genetic Systems, company since 2002 part of Bayer CropScience.


Professor in biochemistry and brewing at UG with more than 25 years of experience in research relating to protein chemistry, microbiology and brewing. / Head of the brewery group. The brewing lab of the Ghent University Association represents the oldest Belgian brewing institute (anno 1887).

Area of expertise

The UG Brewing Group has several, and diverse, research projects, which are funded by public or industrial funding. The brewing research is in strong collaboration with industry and Fermentatio (former student association, anno 1894). / Relevant courses taught on regular basis for masters biochemistry are: brewing technology and industrial microbiology and per year the organization of at least one training course for professional brewing staff. / Author or co-author of ca. 100 articles.