Prof. Frank-Jurgen Methner

TU Berlin

Food Technology with focus on Brewing Technology at TU (1980).

PhD in Engineering at TU Berlin (1987).

Specialist in the QA-Department at Schlosser Brewery, Dusseldorf (1981).

Leading position as a Director in Research and Development and Quality Management, with responsibilities also for the Breweries belonging to the Brewery Group (1987–2004).

Since 2004 Professor of Chair of Brewing and Beverage Technology at TU Berlin.
Teaching in Brewing and Malting Technology, Hygiene and Hygienic Design and Sensory Analysis of Beverages. Major focus on flavour stability and oxidation processes in wort and beer.

Furthermore research in volatile beer flavour components and hop volatiles. Filtration projects with industry in improvement and development of new sustainable filter aids.

Author or co-author of more than 60 articles.