Prof. Luc De Cooman

KU Leuven

PhD in Sciences at Botany group of the UG (1991)

IWT Postdoctoral Researcher on chemotaxonomic identification of hop varieties (1992-1994)

Assistant Professor at the Laboratory of Plant Biochemistry at the UG (1984-1991)

Postdoctoral Scientist (until 1997 at UG, since 1997 at KAHO Sint-Lieven University College in the lab of enzyme, fermentation and brewing technology – EFBT).

Professor at KAHO Sint-Lieven University College (Gent) (2000)
Professor at KU Leuven Research Manager of the EFBT lab (2014)
His main research interests are beer flavour quality and flavour
stability, as well as hops and hop products as a raw material in brewing.
Author or co-author of ca. 80 articles.