Dr. Roland Pahl

Research and Teaching Institute for Brewing in Berlin

Supervisory Board Member, VLB training and internship coordinator.

Education: Brewing Technology at the Technische Universität Berlin with subsequent accomplishment of the PhD in 2011

Experience: Brewing profession as a brewer at the Schultheiss Brewery in Berlin

2002-2004: Scientific Assistant to the Chair of Brewing Technology of TU Berlin

2004-2007: Consultant at VLB’s Institute for Engineering and Packaging Technology which resulted in a leading position as Head of Institute (2007-2014)
2014-till now: Head of Research Institute for Beer and Beverage Production at VLB.

Almost 15 years of experience related to research and consulting activities at national and international level in techniques and technology of beer and beverage production including packaging topics.

Lectureships at the Technical University Berlin and at the Beuth University of Applied Science in Berlin as well as being a frequent lecturer in VLB’s training and education programs.