Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Kunz

TU Berlin

Institute of Food Technology and Food Chemistry. Chair of Brewing Science.

After qualifying as a certified technician in preservation engineering (1991-1993), Thomas Kunz completed his basic studies in chemistry at University of Applied Sciences, Isny (1994-1995) and his basic studies in food chemistry at Wuppertal University (1995-1998), before starting to study food technology at University of Applied Sciences, Trier (1998-2002).

After graduating, he worked as a chartered engineer in the area of ESR spectroscopy at the Institute of Bio Physics at Saarland University (2002-2004).
Since 2005 he has been employed as a Scientific Assistant, PhD student and since 2009 as Head of Laboratory at the Institute of Food Technology and Food Chemistry, Chair of Brewing Science, Technische Universität Berlin. His main research focus lies in analyzing radical reaction mechanisms and oxidative processes in beer and other beverages using ESR spectroscopy. A further research focus consist in optimization of filtration and stabilization processes.